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By joining the Afrikan Co-operative Union you are helping to uphold Afrikan
heritage and engage in the education of children and future generations to come of
Afrikan ancestry. You become a member of a thriving co-operative that sees every
Afrikan as a potential economic stakeholder which will lead the Afrikan people
to self sustenance instead of the victim mentality that has held us back as a people.
Your membership helps us to uplift our own lives and the lives of those less able
than ourselves here in the UK, Afrika and the Caribbean. From supporting Afrikan
businesses to connecting with other members to lobbying government – working
together, we are stronger.

What you get when you join Afrikan Co-operative Union:
A small dividend on your investment;
Access to networks and campaigns;
Access to support groups within the community;
Links with similar organisations in the UK, Caribbean and Afrika;
Discounted rates at events and conferences;
Forums to share business, connect and learn from other members of the community
both at home and abroad;
Online groups to develop contacts and business opportunities; and                                                                                            Opportunities to influence and contribute to our campaigns.