What are the prospects of the vision?

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  1. You are invited to buy shares at £50 a share to a maximum of £20,000
  2. Your money will be ethically invested in projects that uplift the welfare of the Afrikan people in the UK, Caribbean and Afrika.
  3. Your money will be invested in low risk ventures approved by the Annual General Assembly.
  4. Your money will be pooled to create the largest social ethical fund in the world.
  5. Your money will give you a proportionate annual return after a maturing period of three years.
  6. ACU will forever remain a private project
  7. You will have your say every Annual General Assembly regarding the splitting of the profits.
  8. ACU will only borrow from its members and the Co-op Bank.
  9. The ACU does not lend money but open to investment in business and people after due diligence.
  10.  ACU will only invest your money where ACU is able to take the majority share.
  11. The Co-op will not be part of the interest rate protocol or gamble on the stock exchange.