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Greetings brother Stanford,

Thank you for your emails and the information you gave to me at the meeting.

I have had a chance to look through all the materials you have sent me.

Firstly I think its a great idea for black people to come together and invest in one another, it is long over due and I commend you and your business partners in taking the initiative to actually go through and set this up, its a very admirable task.




Allow me to express my gratitude for the last invitation to attend your meeting. Unfortunately time did not allow the possibility of knowing much about your organisation. The little I know indicates that your aims coincides with what Amos Wilson calls “taking charge of ones economic destiny” in his book Blueprint for Black Power p287.

Our principal weakness to achieve this goal is the design of a mass base delivery oriented state of the art African centred economic organisational model.

Africans in the diaspora have most of the principal skills- human and material to make great contributions in our economic destiny.

I hope it is possible to join your group while spending most of my time in Sweden. Joining our collective efforts to dialog, study and design the cooperative organisation models for African economic destiny.

We are preparing our report after the visit to London. Hope we will cooperate in exchanging knowledge and experiences about interest free banking in the future.

Best regards

Nian Koro