Blockchain NFT Crypto & MetaVerse Investment

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When the words crypto and bitcoin floated into the worlds realm during or a little after the 2008 recession, few knew it was the birth of a whole new asset class which will totally revolutionise the future.

Fast forward a decade and the conversation has now included  NFTs, Metaverse, Smart Contracts and so on. One can  argue that we are still  in the early innings of this whole journey of wealth transfer that is being created by smart money.

The innovators , the early adopters are about to leave the station and the early majority are beginning to smell the schmoneys as Bitcoin hit 70k in 2021 and the pundits are saying it breaks through the ceiling again.

We are talking gang busting profits to be made and 1000% – 20,000% is fast becoming a norm in the space.



We are moving into an era of decentralised finance, smart contracts and NFTs. The greatest transfer of wealth in a generation is right on our doorstep.