Why Join The ACU?

Do you:  

Have funds that you wish to invest for a high rate of return and profit?   

Want to have a seat at the big boys table of million pound business and investment deals through our African community Investment fund

Want to see more investments in Tech, Agriculture, Entertainment, Land & Property, Sports, Tourism, health etc both here in the UK and in Africa?

Want to help your business grow as part of a network of like-minded people?

Wish to be a part owner of  a nationwide African owned financial institution?   

Want to be a part of a community of like minded people building businesses and changing the Afrikan & Carribean narrative?


Do you:  

Have a product or service that you will like to market to the African and Caribbean Community?   

Have skills or knowledge on different beneficial subject matters or vocations  that you are willing to share with others on a professional basis?   

Think you would benefit from educational or vocational programmes and training in setting up and running a business/ Health/ Finance/Taxes/Investing /Wills/Insurance protection/ Savings/Getting Out of Debt/Cryptos/Blockchain etc?

Want to learn more about  community interest companys (CICs)  and or Cooperative businesses?  

Do you:  

Want to promote cooperative/group economics within the community, as a way of achieving equitable community empowerment? 

Want to create more jobs within our communities by investing and building businesses?

Want to create Inter-generational wealth and put yourself in a position to leave wills and not bills?

Want to support aggressive investing in Africa and the Caribbean  so that we can leave a legacy of inter-generational wealth?

Want to be in a position to engage in philanthropic investment and activities here in the UK, Africa and the Caribbean Islands? 

The Benefits of Joining 

You get to pool your resources with like-minded people to achieve common aims and objectives.  

Your ownership of ACU shares will generate profits and dividends for you

Your pooled resources will help support socio-economic development in our communities here in the UK,  Africa and the Caribbean.

As a member there is scope to borrow money to develop, grow and expand  your business.  

You can receive business development training from people with similar objectives.  

You can provide business development training to others in the community on a professional basis.   

You can borrow from the credit union to start your own cooperative business.  

You will have the opportunity to grow your business as part of a network or eco-system of African owned businesses.   

You can attend our social events where we celebrate success, excellence and benefit from an additional platform for networking. 

What We Have Done

We have deployed capital into a few business opportunities that are growing steadily, but we still need to grow our share capital considerably to give us the necessary leverage needed to capitalise on low, medium and high investment opportunities that will yield significant profits over the short medium and long term. 

In addition to the above an increase in the amount of membership also means being in a position to deploy capital into community projects that benefit all and potentially create jobs.