Notable Books on Cooperatives

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Akuno, Kali and Nangwaya, Ajamu (2017) Jackson Rising, Daraja Press

(An account of the origins and philosophy of the African-American led cooperative initiative, Corporation Jackson in Mississippi State, USA) 

Harrison, Rob (2013): People Over Capital, World Changing  

(Essays on Worker Cooperatives represent an alternative to the investor owned firm, and its imp0licaiotns for ordinary people around the world.) 

Hossein, Caroline Shenaz (2018): The Black Social Economy in The Americas, Palgrave  

(An examination of the largely informal ways in which African Diaspora communities in the Americas have created cooperative forms of intervention to resist poverty and achieve economic empowerment.)  

Kelly, Marjorie and Howard, Ted (2019): The Making of a Democratic Economy, Berrett Koehler Publishers  

(A largely US based survey of the wave in worker cooperatives)   

Mayo, Ed (2015): The Cooperative Advantage, Co-operatives UK.  

(An examination of the benefits of cooperative enterprises: economic, political, and psychological, based mainly on evidence from the UK)  

Nembhard, Jessica Gordon (2014): Collective Courage, Penn State Press  

(A history of African-American led cooperative endeavour from 1780 to 2012) 

Novkovic, Sanja and Webb, Tom (2014) Co-operatives in a Post-Growth Era, Zed Books 

(Essays exploring how the neo-classical economic approach is challenged by the existence and success of cooperatives especially worker cooperatives.)   

Restakis, John (2010): Humanizing the Economy, New Society Publishers  

(A human interest survey of cooperative initiatives from around the world, taking in experiences from Spain, Italy, the USA, Argentina, Japan, The UK, India, and more)  

Whyte, William Foote and Whyte, Katheleen King (1988): Making Mondragon, ILR Press  

(A history of the formation and operations of Mondragon from inception in 1956 to the early 1990s, by which time Mondragon had been well established.)  



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