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Yes! This is the beauty of being part of a Cooperative, everybody has an equal vote when it comes to key decisions. 

Yes! We are an FCA regulated entity and work very hard on ensuring that funds invested are strategically managed to deliver returns. That said, every investment carries risk of loss of some or all of capital. No risk No profits! 


We are looking to invest in a broad range of sectors and asset classes as and when it makes financial sense to engage. To mention a few, properties, stock market, cryptos, Technology, Agriculture, health etc

We all want huge returns and some opportunities might afford us up to 20%, 100% 200%  even 500% depending on the timelines, risks and geographic location involved. Ultimately we are in business to deliver the highest returns for our members in the safest way possible.  

There is no fixed amount per year, but members are encouraged to buy at the very minimum 6 shares. 

Members may buy up to a maximum of 400 shares (£20,000). 

You need to be 16 or older to own a share in the ACU. 

The answer is No! There are no accommodations for this action in our constitution but we will be working on making this a possibility as soon as possible. 

No! There are no direct accommodations for this action in our constitution. That said, you can register as a corporate  entity and nominate a person from your board to be your representative at the ACU.