Community Investment Fund

Investment of ACU share-funds in profit making businesses to generate income and support socio-economic projects.

  • On joining the ACU, members may buy a maximum of 400 shares, for £50 per share.
  • Members will be expected to purchase at least 6 shares a year.
  • The funds accumulated from purchases of shares will be invested to ensure that they grow in value. Agriculture, Tech, Stock market, Cryptos, Hospitality, leisure and entertainment etc.
  • The community Investment fund will help the ACU to grow financially and deliver for members a relatively high level of return on their investments quickly but safely.

Community Investment Fund FAQs

Yes! This is the beauty of being part of a Cooperative, everybody has an equal vote when it comes to key decisions. 

Yes! We are an FCA regulated entity and work very hard on ensuring that funds invested are strategically managed to deliver returns. That said, every investment carries risk of loss of some or all of capital. No risk No profits!  

We all want huge returns and some opportunities might afford us up to 20%, 100% 200%  even 500% depending on the timelines, risks and geographic location involved. Ultimately we are in business to deliver the highest returns for our members in the safest way possible.  

There is no fixed amount per year, but members are encouraged to buy at the very minimum 6 shares. 

Members may buy up to a maximum of 400 shares (£20,000).