Business Development Loans

Loans to help members develop their businesses.

  • Part of the application process will include the preparation of a Business Plan. Should members need assistance to do this, they can access the ACU’s Business Training Courses.
  • An independent assessor will be engaged by the ACU to assess the business plan, the owner and their systems. Their advice will guide the ACU in deciding whether or not to approve the application for the loan. Unsuccessful applicants will be encouraged to undertake relevant business management training, should they not succeed at the first attempt, as a way of improving their chances of success in subsequent applications.
  • The Business Development Loans programme provides ACU members whose applications for loans are successful, with opportunities to raise finance and support for their new businesses or social enterprises.

Business Development Loans FAQs

That will depend on the amount of money that is in the community investment fund, and the credit worthiness of the applicant. In any event the funds approved will be released to the applicant in batches based on when they are needed. This will help to ensure that the funds are used for the intended purposes. 

It is planned to invite applications at the end of 2022, when enough funds have been accumulated.