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Securing futures with community growth
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Welcome to the

Afrikan Cooperative Union

Building financial freedom and generational wealth to give choice and empower the African diaspora.

The ACU exists to build financial freedom and generational wealth to give give to and empower the African diaspora.

We’re doing this by building a finance and knowledge network where resources and information can be pooled and utilised for the benefit of all members of the community, through education, livelihood development, and asset accumulation.


To help African people build the economic basis required for their psychological, political and cultural renewal and wellbeing.


To see African communities, in the UK and elsewhere, that are culturally self-centred, psychologically self-reliant, economically prosperous, and successfully pursuing their aspirations.

Our focus area


Community investment fund

The community Investment fund is a shared pot of money. It will help the ACU to grow financially and deliver for members a relatively high level of return on their investments quickly but, more importantly, safely.

Our Chair and a Founder

Tajudeen Sadiku

Taj is the Chair person of the ACU.

A serial investor, business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about the betterment of Africans and friends of Africa from a social, economic and financial standpoint.

He truly believes that we can go far as a people if we all practice group or collective economics in some of our issues. The future is bright, the future is Africa.

Nzingha Assata

Nzingha Assata is the Membership Liaison Liaison Officer and one of the founding members of the ACU.

She has a BA (Hons) in Social Science and her profession was in nursing, as a health visitor and a lecturer practice educator.

She would strongly encourage members of the community to come on board, join the ACU to help build a lasting legacy of financial autonomy which will benefit ourselves and future generation.

“The only organisation that I was aware of that was pooling our collective resources for the betterment of our community”

Jenni – Executive Committee Member

Our Activity

Our portfolio

We are building a portfolio of investment assets to help build our future in business and Web 3 technologies.

Future investments

We are continually looking for lucrative opportunities to deploy capital that will generate returns and profits in the short, medium and long term.

Our marketplace

Our marketplace focuses on shining a spotlight on service-based businesses within the our community.

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