Our Mission and vision

Describing the ACU mission

We are a co-operative, which is focusing on pooling resources: where funds are then invested ethically to benefit ACU members and the Afrikans at large hence the reasons to recruit exclusively amongst Afrikans.

The brief is to ensure members receive an annual return on their investment while on the other hand indirectly creating opportunities for fellow Afrikans who require uplifting.

Amongst others, ACU will promote and market goods from Afrika and the Caribbean. It will invest in the raw talents left undiscovered in Afrika and the Caribbean and one day ACU aims to invest in Afrika’s natural resources that are and have been exploited by multi-nationals without any tangible benefit to the Afrikan. ACU will work to replace the multinationals currently exploiting Afrika and the Caribbean without any benefit to the Afrikan. Instead ACU will put back into the communities that own the raw materials.

In all the ACU will invest your money in projects that make you a profit while putting something back into the Afrikan community.

The Vision

Our strength is in unity for divided we fall. We are building blocks that will lead to self-sustenance and rid us of the victim mentality as a people.

These are not new ideas but just a fresh formula to address the wrong and face the future with confidence as a people.

ACU sees every Afrikan as a potential stakeholder who will take ownership to ensure that we all benefit. 

Afrikans are a people trying to find their feet as a collective after centuries of being dominated and under captivity inside a bottle forever fighting each other rather than working together to overcome our suffering.

We have the numbers to succeed and like the ants, we do not need assistance, help or encouragement from anyone because these we hold from within.

Our immediate goal is to engage at a minimum 10% of Afrikans in the UK to become members in the next 5 years. Others will follow later. 

Together, we will uplift our own lives and the lives of those less able than ourselves here in the UK, Afrika and Caribbean.

The twin goal is to benefit individually while helping brothers and sisters less fortunate than ourselves. 

It can be done and we must learn to trust each other contrary to the negative propaganda not to trust each other.

There is an Afrikan saying that no one else plucks out the hair from your nose but you and such awareness will take us far.

How will our Vision work?

  1. The Afrikan Co-op Union Ltd is registered and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (or its successor), the regulatory body that supervises financial services in the UK.
  2. We will continuously review and evaluate the impact of the Afrikan Co-op Union Ltd on our community.
  3. We have put in place governance and assurance rules to monitor each and every transaction regardless of size.
  4. We will continuously recruit new members to ensure that the Afrikan Co-op Union Ltd forever remains on an upward curve.
  5. With the power that comes with finance, we will be able to influence decision making than wait for other to do us a favour. The point being that we can look after ourselves.
  6. We have in place transparent accountable systems that depend entirely on the will of the membership.
  7. The audit trail of the money coming and going out is aimed at engendering confidence in the membership, as it is the right of every member to challenge and demand an explanation.
  8. Each member regardless of the number of shares held has one vote. There are no powerful or weak members rather we all have an equal vote.
  9. The Afrikan Co-op Union Ltd is underwritten by democratic foundations and equitable reward.
  10. The Afrikan Co-op Union Ltd Executive proposes that the profits will be split between reinvestment, dividends for members and an Afrikan social rescue programme.

What are the prospects of the Vision?

  1. You are invited to buy shares at £50 a share to a maximum of £20,000
  2. Your money will be ethically invested in projects that uplift the welfare of the Afrikan people in the UK, Caribbean and Afrika.
  3. Your money will be invested in low risk ventures approved by the Annual General Assembly.
  4. Your money will be pooled to create the largest social ethical fund in the world.
  5. Your money will give you a proportionate annual return after a maturing period of three years.
  6. ACU will forever remain a private project
  7. You will have your say every Annual General Assembly regarding the splitting of the profits.
  8. ACU will only borrow from its members and the Co-op Bank.
  9. The ACU does not lend money but open to investment in business and people after due diligence.
  10.  ACU will only invest your money where ACU is able to take the majority share.
  11. The Co-op will not be part of the interest rate protocol or gamble on the stock exchange.

What are the main risks?

  1. There is a penalty for withdrawing an investment before maturity
  2. A percentage of the profits will go towards social causes.
  3. The annual profits will probably be lower compared to other businesses because ACU targets mainly low risks investments.
  4. The ACU expansion and development depends on the goodwill of the Afrikan.

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