photo taken by Muhammad Mahdi Karim

photo taken by Muhammad Mahdi Karim

Mount Kilimanjaro

For long the Afrikan businessman has been in the resale business meaning to be successful we have to sell other people’s products thus forever making other people wealthy while we are at their mercy for our success. We have to move on and take control. The Afrikan Co-operative Union (ACU) offers such an opportunity. ACU is our mountain and we do not assistance to get to the mountain top other than carry our belief, faith, confidence and trust in each other. It was Martin Luther King who said that: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. That captures the essence of the journey we are asking you to embark on. You need to make that leap and then walk with confidence because the future is bright.

We have a dream that one day, perhaps in 20 years’ time ACU will be the world’s biggest business benefitting a majority of Afrikan and will be fully owned by Afrikans.

In the last 30 years we have seen development around the world with more dollar billionaires than ever before but what has been the benefit to the wider society? Business in the Western model has no moral responsibility. Its language is one of success whatever it takes. On the other hand, the success of ACU will be shared by the membership with social responsibility to the wider Afrikan community.

We will approach business using the Western model but the profits will be shared to uplift the lives of the many. That is what makes ACU different. It is not about exploitation but working with others and sharing the proceeds equitably with a percentage going to those less able than ourselves.

ACU will work to replace the multinationals that are looting Africa of its resources with little or no return to the owners of the land.

That is our mountain; That is our challenge. Join us and in numbers we shall succeed.

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