We all have an equal say

NDVD_014Martin Luther King once said that the sanitation worker that picks up our garbage is as significant as the physician for if he doesn’t do his job disease would be rampant. There is dignity in every being regardless of the job one does. We all make a contribution through the work we do though we would prefer that we all strived to be job creators as opposed to job seekers.

Be that as it may, it does not matter what job you do, all we ask is for you to make an investment that suits your pocket by buying shares that range from GBP50 to GBP20,000. Note that regardless of the value of your share, members have an equal vote in the deliberation of the Afrikan Co-operative Union (ACU) policy. Members set the agenda and the executive carries out the decisions of the members with guidance of hired experts.

Oftentimes working alone however noble be your cause, you are likely to make less impact than you would make working with others. For example, what difference would you make to society with GBP100 yet if 1000 of us were each to invest GBP100 would mean pooling together GBP100,000 which, by the way, hardly buys you a one bedroom flat in London yet used gainfully we could lease 100 acres of fertile land for 25 years and remain with enough to clear the fields, buy seeds, plant and harvest a crop inside a year that would yield a profit in the region of GBP40,000. The following year we could increase the acreage and double our profit. Within 4 years we could undertake the processing of the product e.g. a maize mill plant with packaging thus adding value to our product. By the closure of year 5 the GBP100 will be worthy GBP400 or more. Meanwhile we have created jobs and maybe invested in a local school and an adult centre with money in the bank having already secured the capital investment. Besides, we could positively impact on the pricing of local foods. The potential is unlimited.

There are many other areas of investment where we can make your money work while improving the lives of our brothers and sisters. Now imagine if we could multiply the membership? If we do then we could take on mines, plant forests for wood and the environment, etc. We could process products from local co-operatives. The sky is the limit. In 10 years with our capital and savings secured we could try the High Street trading. We could promote talents from Africa and the Caribbean. We could build schools and introduce a curriculum that addresses the true history of Africa and in 20 year we could run several universities with research institutes to challenge many of the stupid ideas that mis-educate our children.

There is very little we could not do if we put our mind to it. Tell all your relatives and Afrikan friends to join. With numbers we can go far in a short period.

Every proposal will be diligently costed and will have to meet the approval of the membership in consultation with experts.

Take a chance that you will never regret

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