Rise up brothers and sisters

NDVD_042Afrikans should not look elsewhere for help. It must come from within. The belief and power within must be roused. We must stop despising our own people and as Marcus Garvey says, we must give up the silly idea of folding our hands and waiting on God to deliver and do everything for us. If God had intended that then he would not have given us a mind. Whatever we want in life we must plan and work hard towards our goal using your mind.

It will not be easy convincing brothers and sisters that the African Co-operative Union (ACU) is the way until it has made its first million surpluses for its members. We therefore need trail blazers to join in numbers to get the project off the ground.

There is the assurance that you will not lose any of your capital investment because at the very worst you will make a very small profit. The structures we have in place do not allow for high risk investment. This can only change if the members vote for an alternative at the Annual General Members meeting.

There are mines and farmlands in Africa looking for investment to take off and we have the manpower to make these a success. Meanwhile the current African politicians are busy renting our land and leasing our mines on the cheap to the Chinese, Bangladeshis, Americans, Arabs, Pakistanis and Europeans. They pocket the proceeds hiding the money in European offshore ventures. Our people are then left to rely on foreigners for their subsistence; the same foreigners who are interested in feeding their own and where surpluses occur then they sell to the Afrikan at unaffordable prices hence the starvation amidst plenty.

ACU will lead the crusade to bring back dignity to our people while making money for its members. ACU is a co-operative with a cause.

There is money to be made while being your brother’s keeper

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