For far too many years people of African ancestry have been operating in a dependent position. A number of factors have contributed to this in the form of the enslavement of millions of Africans by first Arabs and then by Europeans. Following on from this colonialism, racism and neo-colonialism has kept African descendants in a dis-empowered state whereby independent development, self-reliance and sustained growth have been elusive. Africans must create their own framework to change their condition in the world. “All people of African descent whether they live in north or South America, the Caribbean or in any other part of the world are Africans and belong to the African nation, (Kwame Nkrumah)”

In this the 21st century, we have the skills, the ability and the knowledge base to begin the vital work of investing in ourselves to change the way that we perceive ourselves and the way that we are perceived by others. We, as people, are not a charity case and it is for us to decide whether or not we want to rise to the challenge of creating our own systems, organisations and institutions that will propel us forward into an independent state of being. 

At this juncture in our history we must look very critically at our situation in the world if we really want to change it. We are not looking at our situation so that we can beat ourselves up, complain or moan rather we are looking at our situation to see that we are a strong, determined and caring people. 

Circumstances in history have altered our mind-set, our location and have left many of us living a life of self-hatred, low self-esteem, and lack of our true identity. Many Africans live in the world unaware of the very real institutional systems, which are operating to hold us back and to keep us in a lowly condition so that other people can use our resources for their own benefit but because something operates against one, does not mean that we must accept it, we can break the chains (real or imaginary) which holds us where we are as a people. Of course there have been a few success stories in terms of wealth and the majority despise their Afrikanness.

Mrs Amy Jacques Garvey taught us that we must “stand on our own two Black feet and fight like hell for our place in the world.” One of the things that we can do immediately is to get a clear understanding of our history but as Dr Walter Rodney one of our great scholars told us we get this understanding of our history so that we are better able to shape the actions that we take to build our developmental framework. We do not study our history just for the sake of knowing it although this is important. There are so many aspects from the past that we can draw on to shape our actions and this will give us the pride and dignity to inspire us to create a legacy for those coming behind us. Let us rise up and challenge ourselves to create a substantial institution, which in the words of the great Marcus Garvey will astonish the world.

The organisation to propel us forward is the Afrikan Co-operative Union Ltd registered strictly for the purpose of uplifting us as a people. You are invited to join the liberation struggle which includes liberating ourselves economically.

Useful books for informed reading:

Buy Now Pay Later and Lets All Pull Together by Paul Ifayomi Grant

Blueprint for Black Power by Dr Amos Wilson

Breaking the Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery by Dr Niam Akbar

The Pathology of Eurocentricism by Charles Wm. Ephraim


Black Folks Guide to Business Success by George Subria

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