Greed – vs. – Ethical Trading

NDVD_023With greed you make your money and to hell with everybody.

With ethical trading you make your money ensuring that others too benefit.

First, we must pool resources, which means creating collective potential.

Two, in unity we have the potential to change the circumstances of the Afrikan.

The Afrikan Co-operative Union’s profit comes with responsibility.

The Afrikan Co-operative Union invests in ethical trading.

The aim to invest in Afrika is based upon the principle of developing your own.

Investing in Afrika offers a good return and employment to our people.

The traditional areas of trade in Afrika are less speculative than elsewhere.

The opportunity for fast growth in Afrika is immense.

The stretch of investment ranges from land, minerals, schools to hospitals.

Afrika has its risks especially its vampire politicians.

The ACU minimises contact and involvement with politicians.

The ACU focuses on economic well-being of Afrikans.

Where funds allow the Co-op will invest in social programmes.

So what are you doing with your money?

A small investment of £50 can change lives including your own.

We need to take responsibility and charge of our future which includes looking after those less fortunate than ourselves while making a profit out of our efforts.

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