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By joining the Afrikan Co-operative Union you are helping to uphold Afrikan heritage and engage in the education of children and future generations to come of Afrikan ancestry. You become a member of a thriving co-operative that sees every Afrikan as a potential economic stakeholder which will lead the black community to self sustenance instead of the victim mentality that has held us back as a people.

Your membership helps us to uplift our own lives and the lives of those less able than ourselves here in the UK, Afrika and the Caribbean. From supporting black businesses to connecting with other members to lobbying government – working together, we are stronger.

What you get when you join Afrikan Co-operative Union:

Annual membership Shareholder
Access to our issue based member discussion groups
Discounts to our events and conferences
Exclusive membership discounts
Access to networking events and contacts across the community
Updates on news, ideas and opportunities in our community
Purchasing a Union share with a fixed value of £50 (each member shall be restricted to a maximum purchase of 400 union shares)
Voting rights at Co-operatives general meetings, at elections and the opportunity to be elected to the Executive Committee
Information and opportunities to be involved in the [International Afrikan Co-operative Union Alliance
Opportunities to influence and contribute to our campaigns
Membership fee £30 Minimum share £50
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How to pay to become a member:

Please use the following ACU account details and advice the treasury department as such:

ACCOUNT NO: 65491308

SORT CODE: 08-92-99

REFERENCE: Use your first and last name

What to do next:

Kindly email the treasury department at with your full name, amount paid, mode of payment and reference used.

An email will be sent to you to acknowledge receipt and advice on membership details.

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