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Rise up brothers and sisters

Afrikans should not look elsewhere for help. It must come from within. The belief and power within must be roused. We must stop despising our own people and as Marcus Garvey says...

We all have an equal say

Martin Luther King once said that the sanitation worker that picks up our garbage is as significant as the physician for if he doesn’t do his job disease would be rampant...

Greed vs. Ethical Trading

With greed you make your money and to hell with everybody. With ethical trading you make your money ensuring that others too benefit. First, we must...

Each and every one of us has a dream of the world we would want to inhabit and what our preferred role and status in that ideal world should be. But what happens when you achieve or do not your dream?

The bigger dream is to be ambitious for others whether that be your family or community. The Afrikan Cooperative Union (ACU) is one of many vehicles to realise both your personal dream and the dream of a world that must improve and uplift the lives of those less able or less fortunate than yourself particularly Afrikans.

In the Afrikan Cooperative Union, each of us has an equal voice and together we have a collective voice that can and will bring about fundamental change creating a platform for a better world for the Afrikan. We owe it to posterity to make this a success for we have waited for far too long to find a vehicle to deliver our dreams.

Be part of the peaceful revolution – Stand up and be counted
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