“We build bridges to get us from where we are to where we want to be. We use it to cross in safety and it prevents us from falling into where we do not want to go”

Each and every one of us has a dream, dream of a world that is not divided by colour, religion or different political opinions but a dream of a united and tolerant world for all its inhabitants to enjoy.
For most the dream is more like a nightmare and it is a fact that throughout last two thousand years of history the black nations and it`s people have had a tough and torrid time. It has been one of uncertainty but with hopeful intentions with regard to autonomy and self-determination.
Looking at the present and the issues we face as a disenfranchised nation, it is necessary for us to identify a vehicle which will take us to posterity, self-determined and success,
The Afrikan Cooperative Union (ACU) is that vehicle.

Rather than stay divided we should unite, rather than suffer in silence we should be a voice of reason and motivation for all black people here and abroad. Rather than live in ignorance we should re-educate and re-establish that forward movement towards a brighter and more prosperous future, for ourselves, our children and the generations to come.

Be part of that prosperous and peaceful revolution, stand up, be counted and become a member of one of the most exciting ideas for the future of our people.

Cross that bridge of uncertainty and become a member and shareholder in the vision.   

Afrikan Cooperative Union.



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